If Away From Home For Travel Or Emergency, Place A Coin In A Mug Of Ice In Your Freezer. Here’s Why

We all know that natural disasters have been on the rise in recent years. You may be asked to leave your house at a moment’s notice, and in those crucial few minutes you need to decide what you’re going to do and what you’re going to take with you.

But take a moment to learn this amazing life hack that will make life much easier once you return to your home. Sheila Pulanco Russell posted on Facebook a tip that is now going viral, as tons of people are taking her advice and putting a coin in a mug of frozen water and leaving it in the freezer. It’s called the “One Cup Tip,” and now people all over the world are adding it to their evacuation checklist.

It’s all to do with your electricity. When you leave your home, you have no idea whether the power went out, and for how long. This is crucial information because you may have food in your fridge and freezer that defrosted during the power outage, only to be refrozen when the power switched back on. Thawing out and refreezing food can be incredibly dangerous because bacteria can grow in these conditions. The One Cup Tip helps you figure out whether your food is safe to eat when you return.


Source: shareably.net


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